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Future at our fingertips

Touchless control constitutes the most natural way of managing devices we can take advantage of today, thanks to the development of technology. Scientists have noticed that gestures, like those of the sign language, may be used to control devices which correctly interpret the motions of human hands, arms, head, or even facial expressions. That is how the history of detecting gestures as a control method started. Hand, elbow, foot, or even the entire posture may substitute a mouse or keyboard making every day activities and complex operations easier.

Devices we use every day or take advantage of for our pleasure, often include well developed control panels with many functions. Taking into consideration the multitude of actions to be carried out, lack of attention, or the pressure of time it is quite easy to make a mistake or select the wrong button. Numerous attempts to carry out operations extend the time and result in irritation.

Human-computer interfaces allow gesture controls and take advantage of current habits and intuition in the process of handling technology. The lack of need to touch significantly increases the availability of devices - making it easier to control devices located high or when both hands are busy, but also reduces the need for precisely hitting a small icon - which is especially difficult for old people, children, and the visually impaired. Gesture control limits also the digital exclusion of older and handicapped people for whom the level of technological advancement concerning devices sometimes constitutes a barrier which it is difficult to overcome.

A following advantage of touchless devices consists in the possibility to quickly carry out a given operation. Assigning a specific gesture to a given reaction allows for its versatile use. Thanks to this, controlling a given piece of equipment is increasingly simpler and available for everyone.


The power hidden in a gesture

Controlling smartphones in a touchless manner becomes more and more popular. Already apps have been created which allow to tilt the display, turn an alarm off and on without pressing a button, read messages without turning the screensaver off, brows through photos, or even use the keyboard.

Voice and gesture control constitutes not only a convenient addition but actually the future of smart TV sets. Without using a remote it is possible to change the channels, adjust the volume, or move across a menu.

This technology includes also broad application capabilities in terms of games, especially ones concerning video consoles. Initially its use was limited to games in which characters are controlled with the motion of the body. However, game developers made a step forward creating programs for developing the technique, for example in such sports as golf. The leading console designers work on following solutions by finding new applications of touchless control and educating users in these terms.


Gesture control may be used at work or school for controlling an interactive blackboard or desk. In smart houses touchless control panels are used for example to control the lights - they substitute classic light switches or those used for the heating or water, allowing to turn a specific medium on or off, as well as to control its intensity. They are also popular at kitchens where they may be used in any device - starting from a ventilation hood, through the stove and oven, up to the furniture.

Experts forecast that within the next five years the number of gesture controlled healthcare apps will increase significantly. These apps are addressed both to average users as well as professionals for whom the possibility of touchless and hygienic control is significant.

In the automotive industry touchless control can also reduce the risk of car accidents caused by the driver's lack of focus. Car producers test and implement devices for tracking the driver's hands, allow to answer the phone, manage multimedia, or the car's systems.


See what your life can look like

Gesture controls constitute a technology making every-day life, work, and fun easier. Used in various fields of life it increases our comfort, reduces the time for executing complex actions, improves safety at home and on the road, as well as provides more control over devices.

Using modern solutions does not require specialist knowledge, is intuitive, and available for everyone: children, the elderly, and handicapped people. Thanks to using touchless control taking advantage of even the most advanced devices becomes easier than it ever was.


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